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Remember Why You Started

February is zooming by and the goals that we set seem to be a distant memory. Why is it every January we set the bar higher then we are welling to put in the work for? Why is it that we can be more committed to our Jobs than we are to ourselves? Our goal could be, Hey I'm going to read more, get more rest, workout more, eat less or do more self care. No matter what you had planned for the year, at what point did you loose your steam or your fight. I just want to encourage you to keep going. It's ok to hit reset and recalibrate. Remember why you started and let that be your motivation to make it to the finish line.



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As the year comes to a close let's try to keep our foot on the gas as we head straight for our goals. Even if this year you let your health take a backseat, it's not to late to turn things around.


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